The Alpine was originally a nimble, tiny rally car... this is anything but that... Nice supercar, sure, just not an Alpine. (Oh yeah, and the A110 was "affordable" at the time... It was sold the equivalent of 44000 "today's" $$ for the 1600S... This is not going to be anywhere near that price if it EVER exists...) » 8/27/14 8:34am 8/27/14 8:34am

one is parked in front of my appartment... Met the owner, really cool guy... USDM Celica 2000 GT are unfortunatly quite slow, 96hp I think... Japanese 2000GT are something else with over 140hp. I might buy one once I arrive in Japan next week (fuck, moving there for good next fucking week!!!!!) » 8/26/14 8:11pm 8/26/14 8:11pm

And this is the reason why Touristfahrten are NOT held on a racetrack, but on a one way toll road with no speed limit. Safety distances have to be respected as sudden stop might be required.... These people were not smart enough to understand that, they almost paid the price... Hopefully they won't do it again. » 8/26/14 3:41pm 8/26/14 3:41pm

No, not worth it... I was getting the same kind of highway mileage in my 5.7L Corvette from 1995... Get the V8 with a manual gearbox, a drive in 6th gear, you will get the same kind of gas mileage. » 8/26/14 10:16am 8/26/14 10:16am