Dude, I live in Quebec, I'm not Canadian and I speak English daily... Get over yourself and learn facts a little... Official department and store devantures are required to be in french... Ouhhhhhh what a huge thing for a state where the official language IS french and ONLY french, to require such a thing... Terrible,… » 7/24/14 1:01am Today 1:01am

Meh... my wife is japanese, she doesn't speak french and in 2 years here she never had a problem when it comes to not speaking english. And we couldn't live more in the center of the plateau, even if we tried lol... As a matter of fact, not a single one of my anglophone friend ever had a problem speaking only english… » 7/23/14 2:03pm Yesterday 2:03pm

I'm thinking of buying a R32 GTR in Japan... Probably will do the RWD switch trick with it... Glad to see the Gts-t is to your taste. If I decide to go the cheap way, I might end up buying a mint Gts-t instead of the GTR... » 7/22/14 11:37pm Tuesday 11:37pm

So? He is extremly rich and what? Because he's Michael Moore he should be ashamed? Do you have any idea how much money the Pope has access to and what he lives in? That's quite a bit more shocking to me (though I have to admit the last pope seems a bit more reasonable)... » 7/22/14 2:59pm Tuesday 2:59pm

Meh, these are the cost for slowass B & S karts... Get anywhere near something fun (Rotax max...) and prices are NOT the same... Mojos D3 tires go for 300$ a piece and to be a minimum competitive, you need a set for practice, a set for qualifying and MAYBE another set for racing (you might re-use the qualifying tires… » 7/21/14 7:08pm Monday 7:08pm

If you were anywhere near where I am, I would gladly help you out with it... If it's the pressure plate, it's not much of a big deal... I've changed the clutch on my car myself at a "do-it-yourself" garage and it took me less than a day, not really knowing where I was going the first time... » 7/21/14 2:51pm Monday 2:51pm

It depends where you live... I've never had rust on any of my cars. I just clean the whole chassis once a month. If you deal with a city that puts A LOT of salt, it might be good to do it, but I don't think it's necessary... » 7/21/14 11:21am Monday 11:21am