You're not the first person whom I answer to, but gloves are not just used to protect from fire... Driving a racecar or even just fast in general implies that you never really move your hands from the steering wheel. That combined with the fact that you are quite a bit more crisped on the steering = SWEAT. Lots of… » 7/29/14 5:41pm Yesterday 5:41pm

Damn, my street is more and more becoming a car geek paradise...

For some weird reasons, there is always a nice Jalop car parked on my street, within 100m from my appartment. To sum up it goes from an H26 Hartge to an original Fiat 500, not forgetting an FC Rx7 convertible, a Porsche 968 sometimes and this morning, I could add to the list, a couple cars behind my LT1 C4, a Celica… » 7/28/14 3:00pm Monday 3:00pm

Ok let's start betting... I think the Boss 302 will sell for 78000$. The Alfa, maybe 39000$. The E30 is already too expensive and it's not even an Evo, but let's say someone will actually bid on it, so it MIGHT sell for 35000$. » 7/24/14 4:41pm Thursday 4:41pm

people love this kind of car in France... It's tragic... 0 to 60 stats are similar to the golf tfsi I rented last year in France... Oh that was slow... 11s. But the Elysée does 60mpg on the freeway... Don't you love sacrificing your car time to save 40$? We, French people, love it.... Like Vin Diesel would say: I live… » 7/24/14 3:24pm Thursday 3:24pm